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Set, Style, Sleep 

Introducing the Dream Waver , a must have for your hair care routine. Made from 100% mulberry silk it is gentle yet effective. The silk is guaranteed to reduce frizz while creating stunning soft, shiny styles.

Excessive heat styling may damage your hair causing breakage, drying and split ends. Achieve gorgeous natural curls and waves without the need for any heat, save your hair while adding style. 

The Dream Waver is 36" long and suitable for use on a variety of hair lengths. The Dream Waver comes with matching satin scrunchies which are also gentle on the hair and will not leave any creases, along with a hair clamp to hold the roller in place.

Step 1: The 'Dream Waver' works best on 80% dry hair. We recommend blowdrying your hair as you usually would when your hair has been washed until smooth then spray your hair with water so your hair is slightly damp.

Step 2: Use the hair clamp to secure the Dream Waver to the top of your hair . Divide your hair into two sections, start on one side and wrap individual strands of hair around the roller away from your face as if you were curling your hair with a wand or tong. You should be able to wrap both sections of your hair around each side of the roller, one side at a time. You can then remove the hair clamp from the top of your head for comfort.

Step 3: For best results we recommend leaving the roller in your hair for 6-7 hours , you can also sleep with it overnight and remove the roller in the morning when you wake up.

Gorgeous natural curls / waves without the need of any heat!  0% effort with sensational results.

Top Tips:

You control the curls / waves you create with the amount of strength you put into wrapping your hair around the roller.

-For tight defined curls, wrap your hair around the roller tightly.

-For luscious loose waves, wrap a little looser. If the curls are too tight to your liking, brush the curls out, and lightly wrap your hair around the roller again. The options are endless. 

When wrapping your hair around the roller we recommend wrapping small sections at a time to achieve curls / waves with longevity , brush out if needed to achieve your desired look.

Practice makes perfect, It may take you a few attempts to perfect your talented technique. 

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Dream Waver